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In September, the production was mostly affected by the planned maintenance.

Fact sheet September 2023
Average wind speed (m/s)ca. 7.2 m/s
Production (GWh)ca. 39 GWh
Safety and environmental incidents0

September has been a maintenance intensive month again. The current activities are for example:


  • Blade repairs
  • Wind turbines inspections
  • Site clean up
  • Maintenance/repairs at the site building

Some roads are getting prepared for the winter season, and snow poles have been ordered.

In 2023, to date, the remaining activities are:


  • Completion of blade repairs started in 2022 as well as the one scheduled and started in 2023
  • Continuing the planned annual maintenance as per the maintenance manual
  • Site inspections
  • HSE audit


September has seen the beginning of the autumn, and some colder temperatures at the end of the month.