Status: Under construction

Construction start date: July 2019

Targeted completion: Q1 2021

33 turbines

in construction

175 MW

of capacity

175,000 households

can be powered by the energy coming from our

2,000 Paris-Stockholm flights

That’s the equivalent, in terms of carbon footprint, of the 215,000 tons* of greenhouse gas emissions saved each year thanks to our turbines.

*Based on average European household consumption

*Compared with gas fired power generation

What is happening

at Björkvattnet wind farm

October 2020 Update

Unsurprisingly, high winds have continued to blow during the month of October, keeping the installation works at a modest pace. Furthermore, we saw the first snowfall of the winter...


September 2020 Update

During the month of September, the Turbine Supplier has continued to endeavour to install wind turbines across the site, despite worsening weather conditions. Although wind is very useful in...


July-August 2020 Update

It has been a busy couple of months on the project with the civil contractor, SIC, having successfully handed over all 5 areas of the windfarm to GE Renewables....


June 2020 Update

There has again been a lot of progress this month in the development of Björkvattnet Wind Farm, the most notable being the arrival of GE Renewable Energy, the turbine...


May 2020 Update – Component Deliveries

Works have been progressing well at the site this month, and vast snowmelt has made visible all the works completed to date. All 33 turbine foundations have now been...


May Information Meeting. Update on project and schedule.

Due to restrictions on travel and public gatherings during the coronavirus disease outbreak, the BJV residents information...


On the ground