Status: Under construction

Construction start date: July 2019

Targeted completion: Q1 2021

33 turbines

in construction

175 MW

of capacity

175,000 households

can be powered by the energy coming from our

2,000 Paris-Stockholm flights

That’s the equivalent, in terms of carbon footprint, of the 215,000 tons* of greenhouse gas emissions saved each year thanks to our turbines.

*Based on average European household consumption

*Compared with gas fired power generation

What is happening

at Björkvattnet wind farm

Important information

Late in the evening on Tuesday the 31st of August, an accident occurred in the wind farm when a blade broke on turbine Björkvattnet 20 (BJV20). No people were...


July 2021 Update

The summer season is now underway at Björkvattnet this month.  It has brought fair weather and the holiday period in Sweden. A new single blade lifting device arrived on...


June 2021 Update

June saw the last of the heavy fall weight testing which had been carried out throughout the thaw period.  The test results were used to assess the bearing capacity...


May 2021 Update

The thaw period has finally passed at Björkvattnet. The ground conditions were being closely monitored and inspected during the thaw period to ensure heavy machinery could continue to operate...


April 2021 Update

Spring has arrived at Björkvattnet, the weather has been milder throughout April and the snow is beginning to recede.  As breeding season is now underway, the local wildlife has...


March 2021 Update

Throughout the month of March, we have seen signs of the arrival of Spring. Weather is always important during the construction of a wind farm, and although it might...


On the ground