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September 2021 Update

September saw the last turbine go through the final commissioning inspections before progressing to the 24hour check, and then successfully completing its reliability run which is an eight-day performance test.  This month work continued to carry out any snag items, which are remedial works or items needing attention that were identified when the turbines are fully commissioned and inspected inside and out.


Re-instatement works continued at various locations around the site, which included the dismantling and removal of the stoned area which had been used for storage of materials, and maintenance of the site roads.  De-mobilisation work also continued with areas being cleared of materials and containers from the offices were removed from site.


This month saw a further one (1) turbine commissioned, and one (1) complete their reliability run.


To summarise the status, main Installation is complete on all thirty-three (33) turbines; commissioning works have been completed on thirty-three (33) turbines; and thirty-three (33) turbines have completed their reliability run, the 8-day performance test and final stage before the turbine is considered operational. The Centre and South-East areas of the wind farm have achieved operational completion, which equates to two of the five sections of the wind farm.


September will see a continuation of de-mobilisation and re-instatement works and a continuation of remedial works once the required materials are delivered to site.