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December 2020 Update

The November winds seemed to settle as we entered December, allowing for a more productive month at Björkvattnet Wind Farm. The cooling weather did, however, bring with it some tricky conditions, as snow and ice began to build-up on and around components. The installation teams quickly learned to navigate this, and once snow and ice build-up had been cleared from components the installation teams have continued to erect turbines, completing five (5) in the month, taking the total number to twenty-two (22) for the site. ‘Mechanical Completion’, the term for completion of internal works, has been reached in a further four (4) turbines during the month, taking the total to eighteen (18).


Commissioning works have been completed on eight (8) turbines by the end of the month. Six (6) further turbines entered their reliability run, the 8-day performance test and final stage before the turbine is considered operational. Three (3) further turbines have passed their reliability run during the month, bringing the total number of operational turbines to four (4).


January will be a continuation of turbine erection, internal works, commissioning, test runs, and we should see more turbines enter the operational phase.