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November 2020 Update

Further winds battered the Björkvattnet region during the month of November, resulting in over 70% of installation windows closed due to weather.  Each component has a wind speed limit, beyond which, it becomes unsafe to lift with the crane due to the lack of surrounding shelter. Therefore, it becomes increasingly more difficult to install higher components with the accuracy required. Since the wintry weather has arrived in earnest, snow clearance and de-icing of components is eating furthermore into the installation windows. However, during the favourable weather windows in November, GE Ren have managed to complete erection of a further four (4) turbines, taking the total number to eighteen (18) for the site.


Internal works to fit out the turbines largely remains unimpacted by weather and steady progress has been maintained in this regard. ‘Mechanical Completion, the term for completion of internal works, has been reached in a further eight (8) turbines during the month, taking the total to fourteen (14).


Once turbines are considered Mechanically Complete, the commissioning process begins. This is a final check to ensure that all systems within the wind turbine are in working order and, after passing relevant testing, the wind turbine is ready to produce and export power. Commissioning works have been completed on five (5) turbines during the month. Following commissioning works, the turbine undergoes a 24h test, where any issues will be picked up. Once the test is passed, and any issues resolved, the turbine can commence its reliability/test run. The reliability/test run lasts just over a week, where the performance of the turbine is assessed against acceptance criteria and, upon completion, the turbine is considered to be operational. The first turbine entered a reliability/test run towards the end of the month.


The delivery of escorted heavy loads to the wind farm was concluded during November, which will reduce the volume of traffic on the public roads and end any potential disturbances the vehicle traffic may have caused. This is an important milestone to achieve ahead of winter road conditions.


December will be a continuation of turbine erection, internal works, commissioning and test runs. This means the blades of the turbines will be spinning in order to capture the wind to generate electricity. Turbine operation continues after reliability run without stopping. Over time, more and more turbines will become operational as they successfully come out of their reliability runs, continuing to spin and generate electricity.