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July 2021 Update

The summer season is now underway at Björkvattnet this month.  It has brought fair weather and the holiday period in Sweden. A new single blade lifting device arrived on site at the beginning of July, and the final blades were successfully installed on the last turbine.  This concluded the main installation works for all thirty-three (33) turbines in the wind farm.

The final five (5) customer walkdowns were carried out this month, which sees the turbines inspected inside and out.  Any remedial works identified or items requiring attention are flagged up to the Contractor as ‘snags’ to be actioned in the coming weeks.

This month saw the commencement of the re-instatement works, which includes the dismantling and removal of the stoned area which had been used for storage of materials.  Works were carried out this month to prepare the turbines for a planned grid outage which started on the 27/07/21.  During the period of the grid outage, no power will be imported or exported, so 24hour tests and eight-day performance tests cannot be carried out on the turbines during this period.  The turbines were placed in a safe position prior to the outage and will remain like this for the duration, which is expected to finish 07/08/21.


This month saw a further one (1) turbine commissioned, and four (4) complete their reliability run.


To summarise the status, main Installation is complete on all thirty-three (33) turbines; commissioning works have been completed on thirty-one (31) turbines; and thirty-one (31) turbines have completed their reliability run, the 8-day performance test and final stage before the turbine is considered operational. The Centre and South-East areas of the wind farm have achieved operational completion, which equates to two of the five sections of the wind farm.


August will see a continuation of internal works, commissioning, and test runs as well as a continuation of the re-instatement works.