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June 2021 Update

June saw the last of the heavy fall weight testing which had been carried out throughout the thaw period.  The test results were used to assess the bearing capacity of the ground to ensure heavy machinery could continue to operate safely.  The last tests on the crane hardstand area in June, showed that all frozen water was gone from the top two metres of ground.


As works are coming to an end and the construction phase of the project is in its latter stage, Björkvattnet welcomed representatives from The County Administrative Board (Länsstyrelsen) who visited site in June to carry out a routine inspection.  The site visit was very well received and positive, and Björkvattnet will continue to work closely with Länsstyrelsen until the project is fully completed.


The de-mobilisation operation continued this month with materials, machinery and storage containers being removed from site.  The site compound and offices are also being reduced to reflect the smaller team size as less people are present on site each day.  Only the blades remain to be installed for the final turbine to be fully erected and this will be carried out once a newly manufactured single-blade lifting device is delivered to site.


This month saw a further two (2) turbines commissioned, and two (2) complete their reliability run.


To summarise the status, main Installation is complete on thirty (32) turbines; commissioning works have been completed on thirty (30) turbines; and twenty seven (27) turbines have completed their reliability run, the 8-day performance test and final stage before the turbine is considered operational. The Centre and South-East areas of the wind farm have achieved operational completion, which equates to two of the five sections of the wind farm.


July will see a continuation of internal works, commissioning, test runs, and installation of the blades for the last turbine.