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October 2022 Update

In October, the production was mainly affected by lower average wind speed than expected, and the broken blade at BJV13, and planned maintenance (some turbines are stopped).



  • The blade was exchanged, and the turbine will be put back in operation in November
  • The safety perimeter of 250m applies, and a temporary fence has been installed.
  • The clean up is prepared
  • The conclusion of the root cause analysis should be finalized end of November

The focus in October has been the planned maintenance, and preparation for the winter season.

Blade repairs are on-going on 3 turbines (planned maintenance)

When there is planned maintenance, roadblocks are installed.

Roads have been inspected, followed by leveling (plaining) and fill up of potholes. Snow poles were replaced where needed.


Fact sheet October 2022
Average wind speed (m/s)ca. 7.9 m/s
Production (GWh)ca. 48 GWh
Safety and environmental incidents0