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September 2020 Update

During the month of September, the Turbine Supplier has continued to endeavour to install wind turbines across the site, despite worsening weather conditions. Although wind is very useful in generating clean energy, it also proves troublesome when attempting to erect turbines. Wind and fog have dominated the weather outlook this month, which has slowed down these activities. Through the favourable weather windows, however, GE Ren have managed to complete Pre-Install 1 on all thirty-three (33) turbines, and Pre-Install 2 on thirty-two turbines (32). A further four (4) complete turbines were erected in the month of September, taking the total number to eight (8) for the site. Once the turbines have been erected, and all associated internal works have been completed, it is considered to have reached ‘Mechanical Completion’. Mechanical Completed has been reached in three (3) turbines during the month.


The tower sections for all thirty-three (33) turbines have now been delivered, which should substantially limit the traffic and strain on the nearby public roads. Also successfully delivered by the end of September were twenty (20) sets of nacelles, drivetrains, and hubs, and nineteen (19) blade sets. The remainder of the blade sets are scheduled to be delivered in October, which will conclude the delivery of escorted components; an important milestone as we head into winter.


From an electrical perspective, another important milestone was achieved in the successful energisation and testing of the Björkvattnet substation and the associated overhead lines. The energisation is when an electric current is introduced to the cables, in preparation for connecting to the turbine arrays and energy exportation.