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October 2020 Update

Unsurprisingly, high winds have continued to blow during the month of October, keeping the installation works at a modest pace. Furthermore, we saw the first snowfall of the winter during the period, which blanketed the site. The project was prepared for this and the coordination of daily snow clearance has since commenced, to allow for continued component deliveries, turbine installations, and commissioning works. The project is also engaging with a local contractor to maintain, clear, and grit the public road from Ramsele to the site. This month GE Ren have managed to complete Pre-Install 2 on thirty-three turbines (33). A further six (6) complete turbines were erected in the month of October, taking the total number to fourteen (14) for the site. Mechanical Completion has been reached in a further three (3) turbines during the month, taking the total to six (6).


Deliveries have continued throughout the month, and by the end of October thirty (30) sets of nacelles, drivetrains, and hubs, and twenty-five (25) blade sets have arrived at the site. The remainder of the component deliveries are expected in early November, which will conclude the delivery of escorted components; an important milestone as we head into winter.


From an electrical perspective, another important milestone was achieved in the successful energisation of the cables in one of the wind farm’s electrical arrays (one of eight electrical circuits within the wind farm feeding into the substation). This allows for the turbines within this array to use power from the grid to carry out commissioning works. The commissioning process essentially is a final check to ensure all the systems within the wind turbine are in working order and, after passing the relevant testing, is ready to produce and export power to the grid. Commissioning works will commence in early November.