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Update January & February 2023

Fact sheet January 2023
Average wind speed (m/s)ca. 8.8 m/s
Production (GWh)ca. 46 GWh
Safety and environmental incidents0
Fact sheet February 2023
Average wind speed (m/s)ca. 8.6 m/s
Production (GWh)ca. 56 GWh
Safety and environmental incidents1
(car light collision
due to ice)


In January, the production remains slightly impacted by the ice. In February, the conditions improved, and the production was greater.


• The clean up will be completed in 2023
• The conclusion of the root cause analysis was finalized and reported to Länsstyrelsen

The focus in January and February was focused on getting a good production. The annual planned maintenance will commence in March.


In 2023, there will be:
• Completion of two blades repairs started in 2022
• Planned annual maintenance as per the maintenance manual
• Blades inspections
• Site inspections

Due to the winter and icing conditions, it is important for people to pay attention when going in the vicinity of the wind farm.
Additional signs were put at the entrances of the wind farm.